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Derya's Dream Day: Simple Beauty at Old Marylebone Town Hall

Hey! Let me spill the beans on Derya's big day at Old Marylebone Town Hall. I'm just a regular gal who loves playing with makeup and hair, and let me tell you, it was a blast dolling up Derya for her intimate "I do" moment.

The Sweet Look

So, Derya wanted a romantic look for her makeup – you know, rosy and dreamy. We went for soft pinks and warm champagne tones to make her look all glowy. On her eyes, we used Hourglass Sublime Flush Blush for that soft pink pop through her crease, and we added some long individual lashes for that extra oomph. Topped it off with a neutral, rosy lip. It was simple but so pretty.

Hair Magic

Now, let's talk tresses. Derya's got this shoulder-length hair that's just begging for some romance. Using a GHD Platinum Hair Straightener, we went for these loose, natural waves – nothing too fancy. Just the kind of waves that say, "I woke up like this, and I'm ready to say 'I do.'"

Where it All Happened

Old Marylebone Town Hall was where the action went down. It's this old place with loads of history, and it felt just right for Derya's small and cozy wedding. Vows were said, promises were made – you could practically feel the love in the air.

The Final Look: Love Struck

When Derya stepped out in her full wedding getup, it was like seeing a love story come to life. The rosy makeup and soft waves did their thing, and Derya looked amazing. It wasn't over-the-top fancy, just a girl looking beautiful on her big day.

Wrapping It Up

Being part of someone's wedding day is a big deal. Derya's day was all about keeping it simple, and that's the real beauty of it. Cheers to Derya, Old Marylebone Town Hall vibes, and a love story that's just getting started.

Looking for more effortless wedding makeup and hair inspo? Head over to my instagram here :)

Love, Alyse x

Photography: Charlotte Nelson Photography @charlottenelsonphotography,

Venue: Old Marylebone Town Hall


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