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One Epic Bash: Lisa and Kirstyn's Wedding Day!

Get ready to dive into a tale of love, laughter, and a whole lot of fun as we relive the fantastic wedding day of Lisa and Kirstyn. From the chill vibes at Half Moon Pub to the colorful chaos of Brixton Market and the grand party at 100 Barrington Brixton – this wedding was all about celebrating in style!

Getting Ready Party at Half Moon Pub in Herne Hill:

The day kicked off with a getting-ready at Half Moon Pub in Herne Hill. The vibes were laid-back, the music was pumping, and the excitement was contagious. Lisa and Kirstyn, along with their squad, set the tone for a day full of joy and unforgettable memories.

Makeup Magic:

Lisa's makeup was the epitome of classic with a twist – a pop of neon red that matched the decor and brought the sass. Kirstyn, on the other hand, let her intense blue eyes steal the show with understated yet playful makeup. The result? Two stunning brides ready to party the night away.

Stroll at Brixton Market:

After getting dolled up, the crew hit the streets for a leisurely stroll through the vibrant Brixton Market. From street performers to funky stalls, the market provided the perfect backdrop for candid snapshots, impromptu dance-offs, and high-fives from locals who couldn't help but join the celebration.

Crazy Fun Ceremony at 100 Barrington Brixton:

The main event took place at 100 Barrington Brixton, and it was nothing short of a party! The venue's versatility allowed for a ceremony that was equal parts sentimental and downright fun. The decor was a riot of colour, setting the stage for a celebration that matched Lisa and Kirstyn's vibrant personalities.

Lisa and Kirstyn's wedding day was not just a celebration of love but an exciting day of fun, from the getting-ready shenanigans at Half Moon Pub to the lively stroll through Brixton Market and the crazy-fun ceremony at 100 Barrington Brixton. With their unique styles, infectious energy, this wedding was a blast from start to finish! A day that will be talked about and remembered for years to come, and I was so lucky to be a part of it!

Xx Alyse

Photographer: Stephanie Green Weddings,, @stephaniegreenweddings

Venue: 100 Barrington,, @100barrington

Celebrant:India Bel Ceremonies, @indiabelceremonies

Flowers: Stems Wilder,, @stemswilder

Hair: @hairresortwandsworth @kropperbarber


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